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Meet Your Dental Team

You’ll learn to love our dental team from the very first time you call in to schedule an appointment. Each member is highly trained and experienced, but more importantly, they are just a friendly group of people who are dedicated to making sure our patients always enjoy their time with us. They’ll ensure that you have everything you need for your appointments and that no question goes unanswered. Read on below to say “hello!” to our fantastic team!

Wanda - Dental Assistant

Headshot of dental assistant Wanda

Sara - Dental Hygienist

Headshot of dental hygienist Sara

Mayka - Dental Hygienist

Headshot of dental hygienist Mayka

Cris - Office Manager

Headshot of office maanger Cris

Nalin - Receptionist

Headshot of receptionist Nalin

Karissa - Sterilization Technician

Headshot of sterilization technician Karissa